Montgomery Houze A historical landmark transformed into modern living

This historical landmark that was once the Montgomery Ward & Co. Department store is currently being transformed into Downtown Ann Arbor’s premier residences and street level retail spaces.
Building - Montgomery Houze - building1
Montgomery Ward & Co. - 1928

The Montgomery Ward Building stood proudly on Fourth Avenue between Washington and Liberty in downtown Ann Arbor. Ward’s was a popular department store selling clothing, tires, furniture, linens, heaters, toys and bicycles. Their specialty was mail ordering, similar to that of their rival, Sears Roebuck & Co. It was rebuilt after a terrible fire in 1950, only to be destroyed by another fire in 1960. The building reflects style trends for commercial buildings in the 1920’s. Light-colored terracotta and other materials were the rage, as were decorations reminiscent of 18th-century designs, such as urns and swags.

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Built on the Historical Landmark Montgomery Ward Building.
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